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  • WIP Wednesday: Trinket Dishes

    Raise your hand if your nightstand, bathroom counter, or desk is full of little bits and things that have no home. Hand not raised? LIAR! (Read in the tone of Miracle Max's wife from The Princess Bride. Haven't seen it? Stop reading and go watch! I'll be here when you get back.)

    Good, you're back! So this week I've been playing with little ring and trinket dishes. There's really no difference between them except my little daisy dishes are better suited to rings and the larger square ones hold more 'stuff'. Right now, the latest experiment is holding a stack of my very favorite copper twist bangles.

    Polymer clay is great for little dishes that might get bopped off the counter or table. Well cured polymer clay keeps a little bit of flex so it's not brittle or especially fragile. Yes, stomp on it and it will break. Drop it 20 times on concrete, it will likely live.
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